Ho-Chunk, Inc. knows the value of a solid and progressive education. It is the foundation of any success for a Tribal community and for a Tribal corporation. It is a priority for the Winnebago Tribe. Not only does it benefit a community in general, but in Ho-Chunk Inc.'s case, it is critical to qualify Tribal members for jobs with the company. Due to its importance, Ho-Chunk, Inc. has established several initiatives for both short and long term opportunity.


The Ho-Chunk, Inc. Internship Program provides valuable work experience within a business environment to outstanding college students ranging from the first year through the master's level. The purpose of the program is to provide summer employment with positive work/training experience and to identify and track potential Tribal members for possible regular full-time employment. Internships are available in Winnebago, South Sioux City and Bellevue, Nebraska.

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The Ho-Chunk, Inc. Higher Education Program provides scholarships for four candidates selected for a two-year scholarship to a four-year institution, a two-year college or a technical college. Selected candidates also have the potential for part-time employment with Ho-Chunk, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries during this period.

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The Ho-Chunk, Inc. Academic Development Program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to attend educational events. The purpose of the program is to boost their academic learning, provide exposure to colleges, schools, and other academic organizations outside of Winnebago, and help gap the summer learning loss.

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